My Free Software activities in April 2017

Here is the list of my Free Software activities in April 2017. Thanks to all my donators, I have been receiving 1,95€/week through my Liberapay page. I also received BTC 0.00086600 and G1 15.5 It does not seem to be much but it’s a start and it’s very important to me to know that some people are able to make a donation to me because they find my work interesting enough. Thanks again to you guys!

Journal du hacker

  • Moderator/participation for the Journal du hacker this month (30 hours)
  • Creation of the Mastodon account of the Journal du hacker on (many thanks to them!) => 400 followers already!
  • Minor update to add a link to ask an invitation when you don’t have an account and another link to the Mastodon official account of the Journal du hacker

My Bot Hatchery ;p Blog

In May

I was quite active in April thanks to holidays I was enjoying. We will see how it goes in May 🙂

… and finally

You can help my differents projects by donating anything through Liberaypay (also possible with cryptocurrencies). That’s a big factor motivation 😉

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