Correctly format your Twitter hashtags from your RSS feeds with the Feed2tweet bot

If your RSS feed entries contain some tags, you could have issues while exporting them to the Twitter social network with the Feed2tweet bot.

Feed2tweet, un projet peu coûteux en temps de travail grâce aux facilités offertes par le Logiciel Libre

If your tag is composed by two or more words, Twitter won’t succeed to generate the correct hashtag. It’s the same issue for tag with a hyphen (-) or a single quote (‘). Twitter indeed considers a hashtag being a single word starting with a hash (#).

Feed2tweet, your bot to send the entries of your RSS feeds to the Twitter social network, allows to define a list of the words being your tags. The special characters and the space in these tags will be stripped off and the different word will be joined in order to provide a single word to Twitter. Here is the parameter in the Feed2tweet configuration:

several_words_hashtags_list: /etc/feed2tweet/hashtags.txt

This file has one tag per line, a tag being multiple words or words separated by a special character:

Free Software
Open Source
logiciel d'entreprise

The resulting Twitter hashtags will be:


Tadaa! So simple isn’t?

Using hashtags on Twitter is really important and widely used. Properly configuring your Feed2tweet hashtag list will ensure your tweets are read by the good readers 😉

More information about Feed2tweet

… and finally

You can help the Feed2tweet Bot by donating anything through Liberaypay (also possible with cryptocurrencies). That’s a big factor motivation 😉

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