Retweet, a simple bot to retweet tweets from a user

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For a small project related to the french-speaking Hacker News-style website le Journal du hacker, I needed to retweet every tweets from a Twitter account to another one.

So here it is : Retweet

I wanted to keep it simple, stupid, and coded in Python if I needed to extend it myself for the projet Le Journal du hacker.


It was quite easy to reach these goals, but the project is also well documented and should be quite simple to install, configure and use.

What about you? Do you also have this kind of needs? Don’t hesitate to fork the project, report bugs, ask for feature requests and let us know in the comments of this post 😉


3 thoughts on “Retweet, a simple bot to retweet tweets from a user

  1. For purposes like this, I tend to use ifttt or zapier. Nice to have a standalone project for it, though.

    • Yes, lots of 3rd-party services offer this service, but as explained in the article I wanted to write something I could easily manage and extend by myself. Standalone installation and Python seemed like a great choice ☺

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