Retweet 0.10: Automatically retweet now using regex

Retweet 0.10, a self-hosted Python app to automatically retweet and like tweets from another user-defined Twitter account, was released this November, 17th.

With this release Retweet is now able to retweet only if a tweet matches a user-provided regular expression (regex) pattern. This feature was fully provided by Vanekjar, lots of thanks to him!

Retweet 0.10 is already in production for Le Journal du hacker, a French-speaking Hacker News-like website,, a French-speaking job board and this very blog.


What’s the purpose of Retweet?

Let’s face it, it’s more and more difficult to communicate about our projects. Even writing an awesome app is not enough any more. If you don’t appear on a regular basis on social networks, everybody thinks you quit or that the project is stalled.

But what if you already have built an audience on Twitter for, let’s say, your personal account. Now you want to automatically retweet and like all tweets from the account of your new project, to push it forward.

Sure, you can do it manually, like in the old good 90’s… or you can use Retweet!

Twitter Out Of The Browser

Have a look at my Github account for my other Twitter automation tools:

  • Feed2tweet, a RSS-to-Twitter command-line tool
  • db2twitter, get data from SQL database (several supported), build tweets and send them to Twitter
  • Twitterwatch, monitor the activity of your Twitter timeline and warn you if no new tweet appears

What about you? Do you use tools to automate the management of your Twitter account? Feel free to give me feedback in the comments below.

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