Remind people about your great content using social networks with Remindr

Each time I remind people about one of my best blog posts, I do have positive reviews and a peak of traffic on my blog. But as an IT guy, I hate (so much) manually (gosh!) posting reminders of my articles on both my Twitter account and my Mastodon account.

So I wrote Remindr. Each time you launch it, it posts a content through both Mastodon and Twitter. You can attach an image for each message and using different languages is managed for your different content is managed.


Under the hood, it’s a self hosted (my instance just runs on my workstation) Python 3 application released under the GPLv3 license.

Going further with Remindr

How does exactly Remindr work?

Remindr iterates through a list of messages in a file you write and extract one line for each execution of Remindr, adding a user-defined prefix and send them to both the Mastodon and Twitter social networks. Here is the format of the file:

o en Automatically Send Toots To The Mastodon Social Network #Mastodon
x fr Sur Mastodon, créer son compte de secours… ou tout perdre #Mastodon
x en Automatically boost cool toots on Mastodon with the Boost bot #Mastodon
x en Cryptocurrencies On the New Social Network Mastodon #Mastodon #bitcoin #ethereum #monero

The first field only indicates if the line is the next one to be considered by Remindr, the ‘o’ indicates the next line to be sent. The second field is the 2-letters code language your content is using, in my example en or fr. Next content on the line will compose the body of your messages to Mastodon and Twitter.

So each time you launch Remindr, one of the lines of your file will be sent to Mastodon and Twitter. How easy to use is that?

… and finally

You can help me developing tools for Mastodon and other social networks by donating anything through Liberaypay (also possible with cryptocurrencies). Any contribution will be appreciated. That’s a big factor motivation 😉

You also may follow my account @carlchenet on Mastodon 😉

Carl Chenet On Mastodon


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