Parse your rss feed and post to Twitter with feed2tweet

What’s more important today for a website than relaying your new blog posts to the social networks, especially Twitter ?

Lots of unmaintained or unreliable third-parties web services offer this feature. I tried and was really disappointed using them.

Feed2tweet, forked from rss2twitter, now offer a self-hosted, documented, easy-to-read Python application to automatically transfer the new posts in your RSS feed to the social network Twitter.

Have a look at the official documentation on Readthedocs in order to install, configure and use Feed2tweet.

It is as easy as creating a Twitter app, then writing a feed2tweet.ini file with the following lines:



several_words_hashtags_list: severalwordshashtaglist.txt

Then just launch feed2tweet:

$ feed2tweet -c /path/to/feed2tweet.ini

The first version 0.1 is now available from Github. If it helps you, Github stars are appreciated 🙂

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