Feed2tweet 0.8, tool to post RSS feeds to Twitter, released

Feed2tweet 0.8, a self-hosted Python app to automatically post RSS feeds to the Twitter social network, was released this December, 14th.

With this release Feed2tweet now smartly manages the hashtags, adding as much as possible given the size of the tweet.

Also 2 new options are available :

  • –populate-cache to retrieve the last entries of the RSS feeds and store them in the local cache file without posting them on Twitter
  • –rss-sections to display available sections in the RSS feed, allowing to use these section names in your tweet format (see the official documentation for more details)

Feed2tweet 0.8  is already in production for Le Journal du hacker, a French-speaking Hacker News-like website, LinuxJobs.fr, a French-speaking job board and this very blog.


What’s the purpose of Feed2tweet?

Some online services offer to convert your RSS entries into Twitter posts. Theses services are usually not reliable, slow and don’t respect your privacy. Feed2tweet is Python self-hosted app, the source code is easy to read and you can enjoy the official documentation online with lots of examples.

Twitter Out Of The Browser

Have a look at my Github account for my other Twitter automation tools:

  • Retweet , retweet all (or using some filters) tweets from a Twitter account to another one to spread content.
  • db2twitter, get data from SQL database (several supported), build tweets and send them to Twitter
  • Twitterwatch, monitor the activity of your Twitter timeline and warn you if no new tweet appears

What about you? Do you use tools to automate the management of your Twitter account? Feel free to give me feedback in the comments below.

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