db2twitter 0.2 released

db2twitter 0.2 was just released! If you missed my last post about it,  db2twitter automatically extracts fields from your database, use them to feed a template of tweet and send the tweet.

db2twitter is developed by and run for LinuxJobs.fr, the job board of th french-speaking Free Software and Opensource community.


The main new feature allows to send tweets only during authorized days/hours with the following content in your db2twitter.ini file :

  • The line days=mon-fri specifies db2twitter can send tweets only from monday to friday.
  • The line hours=0-11,14-17 specifies db2twitter can send tweets from midnight to 11AM (included) and from 2PM to 17PM (included)

Given the fact db2twitter will mostly be launched via cron, it allows sending tweets detected since the last db2twitter run during user-defined hours. And that’s cool!

db2twitter is coded in Python 3.4, uses SQlAlchemy (see supported database types) and  Tweepy. The official documentation is available on readthedocs.

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