Brebis: fully automated backup checker

You make backups? That’s great! But are they usable?

The very day you will need your backup to restore your infrastructure, are you sure this backup you make three months ago contains the only file you need to restart your production environment? Are you sure this backup is not corrupted? Are you sure you do not store irrelevant or empty files instead of the ones you will need one day?

Brebis is a fully automated backup checker.

Brebis is written in Python 3 (>=3.2) and comes under the GPLv3 license. The current version is 0.4 (direct download).

Some features (extensive list of features available here):

  • Support of tar files, compressed with gzip or bzip2 or not, zip files, gzip or bzip2 files and uncompressed trees of files.
  • Identify corrupted archives, unexpected size or type for an archive, associated wrong hash sums, Unix rights and owner users/groups of the archive thanks to a list you provide.
  • Inside the archive, identify missing files, unexpected ones, unexpected size of a file, wrong associated hash sums, unexpected mode, type or owner users/groups for a file thanks to a list you provide or generate from a given archive.

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