Brebis 0.8, the fully automated backup checker, released

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The new version of Brebis “Claquette” 0.8 was published two days ago. Brebis is a fully automated backup checker. Brebis does not create backups. It only performs controls on them.

Brebis is able to detect a corrupted archive compressed with different formats (tar, gzip, bzip2, lzma and zip), automatically checking the integrity of your archives and lots of parameters of the files inside these archives or inside a tree of files and provide detailed reports if unexpected states are detected. Check out the list of the supported features.

What’s new?

The main features of this new version are:

  • new parameter sha512 in the Brebis configuration file to verify the authenticity of the list of files.
  • support for a GPG signed configuration file of Brebis, allowing to verify the authenticity of the backup checking configuration.

The official archive of Brebis 0.8 is available in Debian Sid or from sources at

The documentation has improved and a full example of how to secure you backup checking process is now available.

Feedback about Brebis

What do you think about the Brebis project ? We at the Brebis Project welcome any feedback about Brebis. Feel free to comment on this blog,  to subscribe to the Brebis-users mailing listby Twitter or email me directly at

Official website:

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