Backup Checker 1.0, the fully automated backup checker

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Backup Checker is the new name of the Brebis project.

Backup Checker is a CLI software developed in Python 3.4, allowing users to verify the integrity of archives (tar,gz,bz2,lzma,zip,tree of files) and the state of the files inside an archive in order to find corruptions or intentional of accidental changes of states or removal of files inside an archive.

Brebis version 0.9 was downloaded 1092 times. In order to keep the project growing, several steps were adopted recently:

  • Brebis was renamed Backup Checker, the last one being more explicit.
  • Mercurial ,the distributed version control system of the project, was replaced by Git.
  • The project switched from a self hosted old Redmine to GitHub. Here is the GitHub project page.

This new version 1.0 does not only provide project changes. Starting from 1.0, Backup Checker now verifies the owner name and the owner group name of a file inside an archive, enforcing the possible checks for both an archive and a tree of files.

Moreover, the recent version 0.10 of Brebis published 9 days ago provided the following features

  • The default behaviour calculated the hash sums of every files in the archive or the tree of files, this was discontinued because of poor performances while using Backup Checker on archives of large size.
  • You can force the old behaviour by using the new –hashes option.
  • The new –exceptions-file option allows the user to provide a list of files inside the archive in order to compute their hash sums.
  • The documentation of the project is now available on Readthedocs.

As usual, any feedback is welcome, through bug reports, emails of the author or comments on this blog.

3 thoughts on “Backup Checker 1.0, the fully automated backup checker

  1. Brebis a été rebaptisé “le Contrôleur de Secours”, ce dernier étant plus explicite, c’est vrai que la fonction est mieux définie dans son titre, est-ce que l’icône a suivit le même chemin ?
    A pluche.

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