Retweet 0.3: retweet given tweet popularity

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Don’t know Retweet? My last post about it introduced this small Twitter bot whichs aims to retweet every tweets from a Twitter account to another one.


The new features of this release:

  • retweet a tweet only if it was already retweeted a number of times you can specify
  • define the duration to wait before processing the next tweet to possibly retweet (useful if you want to control the delay between two tweets).

Retweet was created in order to improve the Journal du hacker Twitter account. The Journal du hacker is a Hacker News-like French-speaking website.


Especially useful to broadcast news through a network of Twitter accounts, Retweet was also improved to improve pep8 compliance and code readability (wip).

The project is also well documented and should be quite simple to install, configure and use.


What about you? If you try it, please tell me what you think about it, opening a bug request or ask for new features. Or just write your comment here 😉

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